Color. Renewal. Fabric. Group. Durability. Uniqueness.
The engagement of John Iatrou with architecture, interior design, photography and industrial design for more than 30 years … is today the company Loloom.

A group of people, who love to live with inspiration and colorfulness; who are passionate for aesthetics… and re- search. We believe in the presence of art in everyday’s life, with any modern means and in any aspect.

In this catalog, we explain to you with images everything that words cannot describe…




Our goal is the accurate imprint of colors.


We aspire to renewal, because we aim to progress.


The materials we use have the following specifications: high quality, texture, strength, ability to cleaning.


Α bunch of images, a handful of colors; a company that adds style into urban space, a group of inspiration… is im- printed on fabrics.


Ultimately, the beauty can stand the test of time. Continuing our research, focuses on ensuring the quality of the mate- rials we use, so that it is resistant to the use and durable to the cleaning procedures.


Each unique artwork of Loloom consists of other unique artworks, which are all together in a dance of curtains, until the sight of the author to stand, to find and to enjoy something new and… unique. Loloom finds the uniqueness in coexis- tence and ultimately, in honest reinvention. Uniqueness, according to our perspective, depends on: where, how, when.

Layers upon layers/layers on layers: our genre, our style, our artistic feature.

Cushions, Puff, Curtains, Headboards and Bed covers, Panels, Sofa covers and Slipcovers (furniture covers), Furniture’s fabrics, Lamps, Place mats, Coasters.

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Product overview in our catalogue.

Loloom Catalogue

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+30 693 6724254 +30 693 6724254 or you can also find us in facebook.